The long weekend is over but it doesn’t mean this weekend is gonna be sucks, right?
This Friday night, 29th of December 2017, we will play in Audio Gangbang Releases Showcase at Borneo Beerhouse Kemang, Jakarta.
Audio Gangbang is a brand new live compilation album with punk rock ambience which consists by East Jakarta bands such as The Rang-Rangs, Untold, Walking Boy, Softcrime and Knowhere, and this compilation album released by Jeruk Records.
And for this releases showcase, we will sharing stage with @tarrkam , @untold_punk , @knowhereband , #WalkingBoy, @softcrimemusic , and @therangrangs .
And yes, we have a very special surprise to this very special gig.

More updates coming soon.

See ya on pit!

PS: It’s gonna be your best Friday night in 2017!